The Traditional Sourdough


Since 2003, a natural ‘mother dough’ has been
the source for GRADZ sourdough bread. No starter mix or baker’s yeast is used, which means the bread is easier to digest. And it’s rich with authentic sourdough flavour and characteristics.


The hand-written recipes Agnes found include half-wheat and half-rye varieties originally made by her Great Grandfather.


GRADZ master bakers have added modern ingredients known to be beneficial to our wellbeing such as amaranth and spirulina to these recipes enhancing their value and deliciousness to create an artisan range of continental-style bread.


Crafting healthy, delicious bread takes time.


Using natural ingredients is not enough; GRADZ master bakers are also patient. Agnes’s treasured family recipes require a slow fermentation process in which the dough rises gradually for up to 24 hours. During this time, flour and other ingredients are broken down, eventually making the bread gentler to the digestive system.



Why use Sourdough?


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